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Here is what we can do for your Organization

Customized Seminars

We offer various concepts of seminars in the ThinkTank format, with a focus on the following question: How will the external challenges of Digital Transformation, Sustainable Business and Globalization Challenges impact impact our Organization, mainly….

  • What is the Strategic Impact?
  • How will it affect Processes and Business Models?
  • Is our Organization ready?
  • What will be the impact on employees and how to manage?
  • How do I manage success?
  • (and others…)


Version 1 | 2 days of face-to-face workshop, 1 week of self study, 1 day conclusion and recommendations

Version 2 | 1 days executive face-to-face workshop, 3 days self study, 1/2 day conclusion and recommendations

Version 3 | 1 week of half-day sessions with various team, plus individual talks and in-depth interview

….. and any other customized version can be discussed. Please feel free to ask us for recommendations.

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