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You are looking for help on how to rebuild or restart your business successfully after the Corona pandemic. We are happy to help you with that.

Even if you built it, they might not come anymore

Our Packages – and any other type of seminar upon company request can be developed together.

Silver Package (Middle Management): Presentation with interactive sessions and workshops. General overview focus. Useful for getting inspired to continue developing in-house plans. Number of Participants: 5-10. Duration: 1 day. Recommended to middle and upper management

Gold Package (Middle – Top Managemen) : Interactive session with focus on developing solutions for companies present. Hands-on workshops. Individual Solutions and Recommendations. Participants: Up to 3 participants from max. 3 companies (3 per company). Duration: 1/2 day visit on site upfront, 2 days intensive seminar . Recommended for C-1 and C-2 levels

Platinum Package (C-Level) : Individual development of custom-made solutions, based on deep understanding of company’s strategy and operations. Includes upfront analysis. Participants: Max. 3, C-Level. Format: Private Sessions in nice location. Very interactive guided discussion. Duration: t.b.d., recommended: 2-3 Session @ 3 hrs each.

Executive Package: Plan your individual session (in a nice location) with Prof. Dr. Thomas Osburg, benefit from his inspirational style and knowledgeable background and use his extensive European Network. Consider Thomas to be a high-level personal and intellectual sparringspartner. As a leader, this can give you the decisive knowledge advantage in internal and external discussion. Strictly limited to C-Level, MD’s, VP’s, CEO’s, etc.

Cost: Depends on format, location and number of participants, please ask for a quotation at

Our focus lies on various different fields of operation. Some are presented here. But of course, there are more in every company and the importance is different from organization to organization. The Challenges range from small adoptions to complete changes of Business Models. To alter a famous phrase from the movie Field of Dreams:

Even if you built it, they might not come anymore
  • Marketing: How will your Marketing need to change? What messages do you need to communicate? How to keep or enhance your reputation? What does it mean for your Brand?
  • Supply Chain: Possible changes needed in your Supply Chain Strategy. What must be local, what should be global? How to integrate those approaches?
  • Innovation: The need to implement a resilient and flexible Innovation Process. Innovation will reamin at the heart of every thriving business model. How do you plan for Innovation in more-than-ever uncertain times?
  • Resilience: Covid-19 might not have been the last virulogical and bacterial challenge we have experienced. How is your Business set-up to surive any new pandemic we don’t even know about yet? Have you set up working Business Continuity Plans (BCPs)?
  • Digital Tramsformation: We have seen significant increase in Digital Solution in the current pandemic. Is your Digital Transformation Strategy in line with the opportunities and challenges ahead? What about your Digital Readiness Index for the next Global Challenge?
  • Sustainability: It seems like most people are dreaming about a ‘better world after Corona’. But will that happen? What is working and what needs to change in your ESG approach?
  • Customer: How will customer behavior change for good? What, if Social Distancing remains. What, if customer will interact with your company (solutions, products) is a completely new way?
  • Business Models: Are any of the changes listed above (and any others not listed here) are more than just a ‘significant challenge’? Might you even need to have or create a completely new Business Model?
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