Rebuilding Europe!

The so-called Corona crisis will not be over any time soon. However, we will see a gradual restart of business around the globe. The Initiative Rebuilding Europe aims at finding concepts, products, services and new business models, that will be needed in new past-Corona times.

We can hear the claim several times a day: ‘Let’s use the crisis to make it a better world. More sustainable and more human. But just because of the fact that solidarity might uprise in certain parts of society, this is no guarantee that business will significantly change. Hopefully gradually…

Rebuilding Europe will look at various aspects of management. And it will help companies from summer 2020 onwards to better understand, what needs to change and what can remain. The Business areas cover the whole spectrum of companies – from Marketing to Sustainability, from Supply Chain to Digital Transformation and from Change Management to Branding.

The advisory approach will be a blend of current business practices and new requirements. It will help you to find out where your business needs to change – and where it can mainly continue as before.

Specific details will be available on this site around summer 2020.