Leadership Think Tanks

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Leadership think tanks are forums or project groups in which interdisciplinary teams of employees and/or external parties (e.g. experts, cooperation partners, customers) deal with future-oriented issues.

Leadership think tanks are intended to contribute to the decision-making process of executives as well as to the achievement of corporate goals, e.g. by conducting foresight analyses (trends, future factors), designing strategies, bringing forth innovations or dealing with transformative developments.

proVoix Leadership ThinkTanks from are carefully planned, with employees at all levels, from Executive levels to ‘normal’ employees. The composition reflects the bandwidth of employees concerned and affected by the transition.

The think tanks are usually held at the premise of the company, with online elements included for research work or ideation processes. Those are also monitored by proVoix.

“Our experience has shown that by including all relevant stakeholders and employees as upfront as possible leads to the best and long-lasting results. The buy-in of employees is critical” says Thomas Osburg from proVoix.

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