About us

Leadership Think Tanks

proVoix is a Company Advisory supporting and developing strategic company directions with the implementation and execution of Leadership Think Tanks©. These are selected groups of people, internal and external, combining and contributing their knowledge to a common goal. proVoix is orchestrating the process of selection, implementation, management and dissemination of the teams. The whole process is driven by an internally developed steering-wheel concept that describes the different process phases of a Leadership Think Tank©.

What makes us different?

Our own Research

proVoix is also including proprietary research (through Trivelas Institute) into the process and using self-developed management tools (i.e. the Radar7® Tool for Scanning or the m4® Technology Adaptation Process) within the Leadership Think Tanks. The result is a concept that is supported by internal structures, knowledge and culture – combined with state of the art external knowledge based on significant research.

Why Us?

Understanding Research and linking it to Companies

We are world-class in combining Academic Knowledge with Company Strategies. We translate Research into Business.

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